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Extracts from the Role Play Boards

from Obscura

Date Tue Jun 29 1999


So quiet. So long. *sigh* Weeks of unending sleep, only to awaken alone. Where has my love gone, and too my son? My melancholy calls me to sleep once again. What is there for me in this dream, alone, my greatest friend now a statue, my husband long away adventuring, no word. So quiet. Sleep. Peace for now.

*takes a bite of the apple, and falls to the ground*


from Kenny

Date Tue Apr 27 1999

being nutless

I got whapped a few days ago, like it happens most times. *shrug* But this time was different!

The murderer grabbed my nut and ripped it from my body. Luckily, I didn't feel a thing. Being dead is good that way. Not feeling it though meant that I didn't notice for quite some time. By then the villain had left this universe. I had quite a few quests points, so I quickly obtained another nut. I just had to, once you have a nut for a while, you get used to it just being there, so you can "use" it anytime you feel like it.

I would just to like to say this :

If you rip someone's nut off, it would be a logical thing to offer is back. Most dudes would pay to keep their nuts! I would have.

from Rick

Date Fri Apr 16 1999

The Story of Rick...

Rick had the average everyday life of a teenager (chores, play, etc) until he was 16 when his family was brutally murdered by some unknown people.  Rick soon became a wanderer, he wandered from place to place gaining wisdom and strength.

A year into his wanderings he came upon a cave that he thought would be a good place to set camp for the night, but when he got deep within the cave he found that it was an ancient burial tomb. The tomb didn't have a name on it, so he opened the tomb and was suddenly blown back by some unknown force.

When Rick woke up he found that he was in a totally different place, a different realm even, and he was also holding a sword with the inscription SOULBRINGER on it. Rick was soon back to his wanderings and came upon a place called St. Helens Institute, where a lot of people lived.  They were all formed into clans, all following different rules and obligations. Rick joined a clan called the Brotherhood which he thought was worthy of his standards, but this proved not to be the case.  Rick soon left the Brotherhood.

After a few more years of wandering around St. Helen's Institute he came upon the caves of the Valheru. The cave had wonders beyond Rick's imagination. He soon learned it to be the home of Clan Valheru. Rick found that the Valheru were nice and generous people and they accepted him into their ranks. Rick had finally found a home.

Sender Talsban

Date Thu Apr 15 1999

To whom it may concern,

Dear friends and collages, three nights past, I had a dream. I saw a field of battle, with many slain. The battle had past, but I could still see the invading army off in the distance. As I walked closer and entered the field, I saw that the dead were not just warriors, but were children, and women, and innocent men too, all of which were killed as they begged for mercy. I became enraged, and took up arms to fight against this army. As I came closer yet, I saw more bodies, these tied to poles and horribly beaten. I looked closer, and saw they were my friends. At this I became even more angry, and ran to the enemy now. When I got to the invading army, though, they let me through, saying that their leader was expecting me. I was not worried, but took up arms again, ready to slay this horrible being. When I got to him, he was clothed in fine armor, and had a mighty sword. Still I was not afraid, and I took up my weapon, and approached. He did not take up his weapon, but instead removed his helm. To my dismay, I then saw his face. It was my face. Then I was afraid. Not from seeing myself, but from the look of evil and hate in my face. This is when I woke.

After much thought of the meaning of this, I have decided that my only choice is to adandon the way of the sword, and take up a life of peace. I will never again strike down a living being, I can not, after what I have seen of myself. My path is now one of peace.

Talsban, Golden Pacifist of the Valheru

from Stumblenuts

Date Thu Apr 15 1999

Just a Story...

Whelp, one fine day, I was leaning on a tree in the Haon-Dor Forest minding my own business, drinking from my favorite flask *hic*. When I hears the rustle in the bushes. "Who's There!", I bellow. "Oh tis just me.", says this scrawny elven freak as he steps out of the bushes.

"I am a Member of the Triumvirate," he says, "and I noticed, that you are a follower of Darrack. You know evil is.. " And with that I kicked him square in the nuts. "I don't need any lecturin ya Tree Hugger.", I spat.

Laying there on the forest floor he squirmed, begging for his life. Laughing I walked away, taunting him the entire time. Let this be a warning to the rest of you nature loving freaks. Stay out of Darrack's way or be crushed by his might.

Stumblenuts, Dwarven Warrior of the Sha'Darrack

from Dillinger

Date Tue Mar 23 1999

i haVe an illness...
not suuure why...
I'm feeling a call elsewhere. I must go for a short time...
but there will be One who comes in my stead...
I have been called evil...
I believe you will soon learn its true meaning...
I can't stop...
I can't control this...
The paaaaain....
My knuckles are white...
my fingernails have drawn blood from my palm...
there is no hope...
for your sake, I hope you die swiftly...
my plans are failing... the threads are unweaving...
this isn't how I wanted it...

from Obscura

Date Sun Mar 14 1999

Effigy of Lordcrys

Found on a tombstone in front of a freshly dug open grave:

Once a friend to many,
Noble and Pure,
Now crazy and corrupt with power,
Soul like a sewer.
May he rest in eternal
torment, reserved
for only those who
bite the heads off small fuzzy creatures and pull the wings off butterflies.

from Trinity

Date Fri Mar 5 1999

In town

An old man carrying a sword that looks so ancient you suspect it ought to be in a museum todders up to you and taps you on the shoulders, you turn and he is about to ask you something when a young warrior, concentrating on trying to work out how to use a wand, bumps into you. The old man moves with surprising speed, grabbing the wand and making a small movement with his thumb, a huge fireball erupts and the young warrior collapses on the ground in a charred heap.

"Pah! Young'ns these days, 'em don't have no respect! 'em jus run aroun killin' an bleedin an dyin' an makin' messes on da groun fa me ta clean up, We don' think too much of the youn's. No Respect we tells ya, 'em standin up ta big hmm huge warriors an bein disrespecful, jus 'cos 'em don't care 'bout dyin! Pah! We's seen better days we has, when great warriors 'em have only two or three deaths on 'em big total!

An wiv less levels an spells too! We am thinkin youn'ns is pathetic! And scare us man, 'em youn'ns, 'em bein disrespectful to da GODS! 'em youn'ns in fer big shock, mortals may hmmm forget 'bout how to be real men, but hmm GODS FORGET NOTHING. HA! me got rubber boots now hmmm waitin' for dem thunderbolts..smell 'em in da air hmm HA! 

Recall hmm corpse, HA! In real days, 'em big bad warriors beat their way back to their corpse, thro fire and torment, wiv bare hands! youn's these days big soft pah!. Aww poor kid roun here recent like lost big sword, him whine big time, now, not at We blame him none, not good feelin' losin good thing, but him shoulda been man about it, no go argue, argue for wimpy merchant. Him shoulda go beat crap outta guy. Hell, him friends shoulda go beat crap out, take big bad sword back, or money or clothin, make him walk roun' naked HA! sight to see. 'em youn's not figure, all fair in love an' war, and dis be war baby.

HA! times a changin tho, like yas can smell da spring a comin' from midwinter, sose we can smell da wheel comin' in circle, We not comment on what 'em GODS is thinkin', but life a down here pretty static hmm now, Sha'dar kill hmmm Brother, Valheru hmm stand on fence, HA! soon 'em fences goin', soon all things hmmm change. Yes we see excitement returnin' to hmm the realm, chaos an confusion is a comin, yup, chaos an confusion.

Which hmmm remin' me a what I askin ya first up, which way to hmm..the armory? I gotta get me this here sword hmm..sharpened. dark things a comin...dark things."

You point him off to the armory and he wanders off, muttering about signs and making rude noises about the ability of the young to handle change.

from Lily

Date Thu Mar 4 1999

My history

I know that a lot of you must be curious about where I came from. I arrived so suddenly in St. Helen's for a reason which as yet I have told nobody. I have decided to post my story here so that all can read it, and nobody will ask me to repeat this story again. 

I grew up on a farm in the village of Stoyan, far to the east. My childhood was nothing special. I played the usual childhood games - hide and seek, tag, and pretending to swordfight. But at the age of 12 my innocence was abruptly ended. Barbarian raiders invaded our village and looted and pillaged all the farms. My family's farm was totally destroyed. My father died trying to protect us from the raiders. My mother was kidnapped and I only managed to escape because my parents had sent me down into the root cellar to hide. That day I had to grow up in a hurry. I walked to a nearby village where I was able to find an innkeeper who took me in and let me work for him in exchange for food and shelter.

From the age of 12 to 17, I worked at the inn but with each year I felt a growing itch inside me. I wanted to learn swordfighting for real so that one day I could avenge my father's death. One day, when I was 17, I overheard some men talking in the bar of the inn. They were discussing a great academy where people of all walks of life could learn to swordfight. It was called St. Helen's Institute of Training.

The next day I gathered my belongings and went off in search of it. And that is the story of how I came to St. Helen's. One day I will be strong enough to pay back the barbarians for destroying my family 

from Kuore

Date Sun Feb 14 1999

In loving memories of... well. :)

Neon lights, wore through the nights
while a star shines makes me want to cry
And dust covered memories.. filled my eyes
Calling dreams, in crystal streams.
And i cant see where I'll fall to
And soon the light.. soon the sun will rise
Its a phantom world, its a phantom world
And its fading in the lights
Its a phantom world, no there's nothing real
So will those.. will fade out of sight.
Butterflies.. so far away
Through the gold fan of a sun ray..
When they come back, all the gold sun rays will be gone.
Its a phantom world its a phantom world
Filled with means to shade a light
Its a phantom world its becomed unreal
See the ghostly shapes of a life...
Look its flied so far away...
Through the pink clouds of a fall day...
When they come back home, all the gold silken past will be gone
When they do come back, all the gold silken past will be gone....

from Ebony

Date Fri Jan 15 1999

I had a dream last night....or was it a visit? I realised why I felt so alone at the moment of losing my weapon. The Master had been displeased....his blood link with his chosen daughter had been broken each kill with a blade blessed by him....strengthens his link.  He revealed to me that Telina now holds my weapon.  He has felt his link to her grow as she kills and with each kill he steals a little more of her soul.

Soon I shall have a sister in Darkness.....another handmaiden of death. So long as she holds my blade, she falls further into his power.

And his reward to me for my patience? He delivered Telina's own blade into my hands. We are truly blood sisters after all!

Date Thu Jan 14 1999

Tis with great joy that I welcome Bastion to the Dark Path. Today, he attacked me as I was fighting for my life. He is far far higher than me, so he killed me easily.

It was a beautiful thing to see him embrace his dark nature. He took my corpse and all that was in it. He preserved it. No doubt he wanted to keep me close.

He gave my Ultimate to some camp follower of Valheru. Perhaps he hoped she would one day follow us....and also embrace the darkness that is inside us...

The Master is happy with such evil actions from a leader of the Valheru.

Ebony, DarkLady of DeatH

from Sephiroth

Date Tue Jan 5 1999

AS a loner I've walked the land...and for all these days I've seen changes on this land. The once mighty clan of the Valheru, which was once so beautiful and honoured in the rank of the dragons, has now been corrupted greatly. DEATH KNIGHTS among their rank!!!

Though it pains me greatly... but the Blood within me, those bloodlines of the Dragons....urges me to do something to this nightmare...to do something to save this clan from total corruption!

these corrupted Lycanthrope makes my blood rise...and it could be controlled no longer...for when I see members of the Valheru.. I would remember the past...those glorious past.

So members of the Valheu no matter you are a brass, copper, silver gold or platinum...when you see me Sephiroth next to you ask yourself whether you have followed the teachings of the Dragons carefully or you will see my sword plunged into your Heart.

from Dillinger

Date Thu Dec 3 1998

Drums. The pounding of distant hooves. They called me tonight as I lay back peering at the stars while the Aesir marched across the heavens.


I wait. For what? I don't know. Still, I wait. Friendships pass. Love withers and dies, all the while mocking me.

Still, I wait. Alone.

I feel, coursing through the age of the earth beneath me, Equimanthorn; existing, representing all the primal nature of life to live. To fight. I pledge on that most ancient of swords, before my ancestors looking down upon me from where they too wait, to fight.

To wait. Alone. If that is the only choice.

I will take the strength of the Mollinar unto myself. I will take the hunger of wolves. I will steal secrets from the ravens. I will face any foe in whatever form of battle they choose at any time the time to fight arises.

Alone. Drums.

My blood speeding along its course in my veins. In rhythm with some far off, unknown warrior's pounding on drums made with the skins of his enemies. My blood. One day to adorn a blade of some sort belonging to one of my own enemies.

That is life. That is my life. Alone.


Man and beast joined as one ferocious deity of battle. Two parts to make a stronger, greater, bloodier whole. One so easily forgets that man IS beast. Our companions remind us as we join them, becoming one.


Today is a good day to die.


from Sephiroth

Date Sat Nov 28 1998

Sephiroth is an emotionless and prudent knight who speaks little about his past. He always act with deliberation and foresight, believing that fortune smile on the cautious.

Though Sephiroth is a lawful neutral character, he distrusts most formal institutions. He obeys the dictates of his conscience and DEITY only, remaining sceptical of all self-proclaimed and elected authorities.

Sephiroth weights each request against his own principles, agreeing to a favour only if completely convinced of its merit. Sephiroth is presently in the service of no one and only seeks to remain free and unnoticed.

from Bastion

Date Thu Nov 5 1998

Chapter One

Bastion was a misguided youth. He spent his days dreaming of wealth and power. While young he would often daydream about this or that, not paying any attention to what he was doing, or what he was going to do. Thus upset by his delinquency his parents sent him to Midgaard and enrolled him mud school.

After graduating from mud school, he wandered the countryside, looking for adventure. While wandering he heard stories of a newly formed army, the Sha'Darrack. This army employed people in the name of Darrack the evilest of Gods. This army would ravage the countryside, pillaging homes, murdering peasants and raping their wives and daughters. For some reason this intrigued Bastion. Maybe this would lead to the wealth and power he searched for. So he search for one of its leaders.. a man named Klah.

Klah told him that he would gladly let Bastion join and that he personally would show him the way of darkness. And that began Bastion's wandering into the darkness. Well during a battle with a local monastery, Bastion ran into an old friend named Gwaldhir.

Gwaldhir was in search of the fabled Objects of Power, and told Bastion that Sha'Darrack was no place to be.. that his clan, the Morgoth were in search of these Objects of Power. The story intrigued the misguided youth, so he stole away into the night to join Gwaldhir and Morgoth. Bastion spent a while with Morgoth searching the Objects of Power when he ran across Klah, Bastion at that point realized that he could belong to neither and set upon his way to wander the countryside again. Thats when he heard of yet another army the TsuRyu and their leader Cyric.

Bastion again fantasizing about the wealth and power he could obtain by exploiting others was renewed and quickly found his way to the top of the TsuRyu. He quickly gained in power but realized he didn't like being a terrorist. Troubled by his thoughts and his conflicting interests he went for a walk in the woods, hoping the fresh air would calm his nerves and help him think.

During this walk Bastion realized he was near his boyhood home. His pace quickened as he ran to see his family and friends that he left behind so long ago. When Bastion arrived he was shocked to see that his village had been ravaged like many he had seen during his time with ShaDarrack, bloody corpses tossed left and right, people screaming, crying for help. This brought a tear to Bastions eye and he wondered how he could have done this. He now realized that he would only find peace by helping others fulfil their dreams. 

Coming down his old street he heard sounds of a battle. "Maybe I can still help," Bastion thought. But alas this was for naught as he turned the final corner toward the noise he saw his old friend Telos, a fellow graduate of Midgaard Mud School, tormented with rage. A man in dark, bloody robes lay at his feet, and a baby dragon lay dead behind him. 

"Ho, Telos What happened?" Bastion yelled. "This beast was my friend Bastion and they came and murdered him!" Telos cried, "Help me friend Bastion, help me find his murderers and avenge his death!" "Aye, friend Telos I will help you on your quest and avenge this noble beast.", Bastion replied. And with that the mighty Valheru were born.

With Bastion, and Telos at its head, they quickly grew in strength making allies and enemies, but that is another story for another time.


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