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Welcome to the



~ a place beyond imagination ~

an extract from the DreamWeaver's Journal :-

..and as had been foretold, the Cataclysm occurred. It was not the end of the world as many had feared, but nothing would ever be the same again. Humans could no longer continue their blinkered existence. The old realities had been forever shattered and the dreams had been let loose in the land.
Drawing on this new power, the Ancient Races re-appeared in the Lands. No longer did they have to cloak their comings and goings. The very earth hummed with power and even the most skeptical had to acknowledge that the safe order of things was no more. Reactions varied: some embraced the old ways and magic returned to the lands, some retreated to sheltered enclaves and developed new and amazing technologies, some gained the stars, some lost their minds.
It was a dangerous and chaotic world, but the rewards were great for those brave enough to embrace the dream.

Beware the Powers you let loose when you dream. Use them wisely or face the wrath of the DreamWeaver.

~ Now read the story that grew out of the Dream ~

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