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The Lands

The Lands of Elusive Dreams are as varied as its folk.  The Silver Lady promised those that chose to embrace the Dream that all things were possible. Adventurers begin their exploration of the Lands from the haven of St Helens Institute of Technology. Initially they follow the Paths of Learning to understand the basics of the World. Once they are confident enough to explore St Helens, Peace Park, the Circle of Chaos and the Museum of the Cataclysm are reminders of the dark times of the past.

A time of relative peace has settled over the lands and exploration is again possible.  Whilst some parts of the world embrace the old ways and rely on magic, there are sheltered enclaves that have developed new and amazing technologies.  An adventurer in these lands should never presume that they know what is around the next corner.

The Elders of St Helens have recorded most of the lands centers in an Atlas, but no book can replace the first hand knowledge gained by exploring.  

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