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The following songs can come in one of two varieties. Some are midi files, and some are RealAudio. If you don't have an Audio player, you're strongly encouraged to get it today! Follow the link at the bottom of the page. All the songs listed on this page can be played on the various jukeboxes scattered around the world of Elusive Dreams. Here's your chance to hear the real things, though!

Band Name Song Title MIDI File RealAudio
Green Day Christie Road n/a Christie.ram
The Mighty Mighty Boss-Tones The Rascal King RascalKi.mid Rascalf.ram
Fastball The Way n/a theway.rm
Eric Clapton Change The World change.mid clapphen.ra
Blessid Union Of Souls Light In Your Eyes n/a light.ram
The Blues Brothers Someone To Love n/a bluelove.ra
The Doors Touch Me n/a doors_touchme.ram
Tonic Open Up Your Eyes n/a openeye.ram
Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men One Sweet Day sweetday.mid n/a
Just a little extra ear candy Seinfeld wav

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