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What is a Mud?

A Mud is a Multi User Dungeons and Dragons style adventure - although Dragons are actually optional

Multi is exactly what it sounds like. More then one person can play, all adventuring at the same time. Multiple people join the game via the internet and interact with the inbuilt adventures and each other. In fact, the most memorable times are usually to do with other adventurers.

You start by selecting your race, job preference, sex, etc ... You don't need to build a complete character at the start as you can gain and learn various skills and spells as you progress. You can improve your abilities by finding special equipment in the game, such as weapons, clothes, armour, magical items, etc.. These things are, however, often in the possession of some one else! You must find a way to relieve them of their burden (this is can be done by direct fighting, trade, negotiation or trickery (depending upon the nature and strength of your own character).

The killing of the permanent characters ( generated by the game) is essential if you wish to improve your character's attributes. From each kill you receive a calculated amount of experience points (xp). Gaining xp enables you to rise in "level". The various classes (ie jobs) get access to skills and spells at predetermined levels. Therefore, the higher your level is, the better the skills and spells available for you to use. Muds are text based. To move around, for example, you type and enter the direction you wish to go. There is an inbuilt "Help", typing Help by itself will give you a summary or you can access help on a particular topic by entering .. help topic

You can also ask other adventurers for advice. You can "say" a message, "tell" someone a message (a tell is private), "shout" and also use various "channels". You normally use a channel by typing the name of the channel followed by what you wish to say. A lot of Muds also reserve the . to represent the name of the "Outside Of Character" (OOC) channel, simply to save typing ooc lots (Mudders are very lazy people!).

Like any good game, the basics are simple but to be very good at it requires a lot of work.

The best way to learn is to "telnet" to the site and try it out.
Telnet is not the best way, there are various "clients" that are designed especially to help Mudders enjoy the adventure without straining the brain cells or typing skills too much.

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