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The Folk of the Dream

The folk of the Dream come from all times and places. It is a haven and an escape. Humans, Efreeti and Kang, rub shoulders with Darklings, Gnomes and Sprites as they explore the lands of the Dream.

Experience and age allows them to re-discover themselves in new bodies, with new powers. When you wrap yourself in the silver strands of the Dream, you become more than what you were.

Those who remort have the option of choosing from even more powerful races and developing their class skills to a much higher degree. You can remort multiple times, getting more and more powerful each time!

Each race has certain innate affects, immunities, resistances, vulnerabilities, and skills. Beyond this, each class offers a wide range of spell groups and skills.

** Here is a link to a poorly formatted, but factually correct page with class, race, and remort information.  This page is autoupdated whenever changes are made**

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