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Clans are in a constant state of flux depending upon how many Objects of Power they hold.

Some special spells and skills in the Dream can only be performed if the player, or their Clan, has possession of the appropriate Object Of Power (OOP). The bonus for Clan members is that, provided one member of the Clan holds the OOP, all clan members can draw on its power and obtain the spell or skill. In order for a Clan to achieve their full strength and potential, they therefore need to co-operate to acquire and hold the Objects of Power.

It is suggested that you observe the various clans and talk to members of the clans (and those that are not!) before deciding on one that may suit you.

New players are automatically members of the Dreamers Clan.

Players who do not find a suitable clan to join by level 20 are transferred to the Loners "Clan".


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