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The Current Clans in the Lands of the

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an extract from the DreamWeaver's Journal :-

After the Cataclysm, Clans became the haven from the Chaos. Great Leaders formed strong bands that both protected and preyed on the survivors that wandered the Lands. Those that declined to accept the protection of a clan, are known as Loners in the lands. Clans receive the benefit of Clan Spells if they manage to hold one of the various Objects of Power (OOP) that can be found in the lands.

Clans are created by players and run by players.  Their purpose's vary and you should consider their philosophies carefully before joining.  If there is no clan that suits the role play requirements for your character, then you can aspire to found your own new clan.

New clans can be formed providing the following requirements can be
met -

The founder must be at least a level 100 remort

A petition must be made to the Immortals in the form of a note
outlining the philosophy of the proposed new clan

If the proposal is approved a Clan Help must be written and a 
description done for the clan recall

The fee for a new clan is 5000 quest points

A new clan would then on probation for one month to allow sufficient
members to be recruited.

If the Immortals decide that a clan has insufficient members to be viable, a warning  is given.  If the situation does not improve, the clan will be recorded in the legends of the dream as a Clan from the past.

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