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Founder : Seth

The Brotherhood is an order which evolved from the descendants of an ancient clan known as The Fellowship of Mota. Originally the clan was a group of warrior priests that protected the realm in the name of their god Mota. So successful was the clan that its presence was no longer essential and it eventually dwindled. Now a new order has risen from the ashes of the old to again protect the realm. The new order is closer than a Fellowship, it is The Brotherhood.

The clan is dedicated to honor, strength, fellowship and union. Honor  is foremost! We are helpful to all but fiercely devoted to the clan.  We feel that the opinion of all members of the clan should be considered when making clan decisions. Although composed of mostly angelic classes a code of conduct allows for all classes, no matter what their alignment.

Brotherhood Chaos Dreamers Morgoth Sha'Darrack Triumverate Valheru

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