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The Current Clans in the Lands of the

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Founders : Elendil, Gwaldhir

Morgoth embraces the dark powers and knowledge, but it is not an Evil Clan. Clan members understand the meaning of the word HONOUR and are required to show that understanding in their conduct. The Clan are the survivors of an ancient and devastating War. Legend says that during these Wars they lost the Talismans of Power. They do not speak of this loss, but instead they search the lands to reclaim their lost birthright. It is the aim of every member of Morgoth to return an Object of Power to the Clan. It is their belief, that when they can boast possession of every Talisman, the realm of Elusive Dreams will be theirs.

Morgoth only accepts members who have reached their 10th level. They accept all classes except Paladins. Each new member must donate 300 quest points to the clan. Promotion within Morgoth is rare. Members may ask the Leaders for the opportunity to advance, when they feel they are ready. Approval for advancement should not be sought too early since the tests for advancement, are tests of combat.

Brotherhood Chaos Dreamers Morgoth Sha'Darrack Triumverate Valheru

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