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Founders : SilverHeart, Mstbtr, PopeHainsley

The Triumverate draw on ancient powers from deep within the world. Once their ancestors could communicate with nature itself but they felt the cataclysm so intensely that they vowed to prevent it ever recuring. Since evil was the cause, they vowed to eradicate it from the Dream. Such a moral judgement was contrary to nature and they found themselves estranged from the source of their ancient power. Until evil is eradicated, this estrangement continues.

The Triumverate follow the dictums of nature over any mere mortal so that when the day of union arrives, they will be ready. They strive to be Honourable and Trustworthy. The Clan is one of unionism, to be a member is a great privilege and members act to promote the and at all times support each other. Loyalty is rewarded in the system of advancement. Only necromancers are not welcome, due to a belief that they destroy nature.

The ends do not justify the means! Murder is not the way to eradicate evil. Failure to adhere to the clan philosophy can mean instant demotion or even expulsion.

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