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'Immortal' refers to players who have reached the highest attainable levels in the game. Here, anyone of level 220 or higher is an 'immortal.' 




Trinity, Eterion


Croyd, Vision, Lazarus, Sairon


Samael, Chance, Twisty, Dillinger

Immortals are capable of exceeding the usual game rules, in more drastic and pervasive ways as levels increase; examples range from teleportation and invisibility to mortal sight to creation of objects, removal of a player's privileges (channels, ability to move, or even ability to log in), and ability to promote players to immortality.

An absolute rule of immortal behavior is that no immortal can aid or assist any player without explicit permission from the higher ranks; in other words, please don't ask an immortal to help you kill a mob, gather EQ, etc, or you'll likely be either politely or rudely refused, or referred to
this rules.  Yes, even Immortals are bound by rules to ensure balance in the Dream.

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