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'Implementors' or 'Imps' refers to the highest level of Immortal. We run the game for the enjoyment of everyone and are the final arbitors on any misdeeds.  



an extract from the DreamWeaver's Journal :-

"The Silver Lady watched as the Cataclysm erupted. Saddened by the  pain that screamed from the very earth, she intervened to restore the  old balance. Her dream called on the ancient powers then lying dormant in the lands and made all things possible again. She chose not to rule the lands, instead allowing her dream to shape the possibilities. The shifting sands of the dream left it open for those who embraced the dream to shape their own destinies. The Silver Lady has many names and one is Kayal.....and always, the Eternal One watches over her."

an extract from the Tenets of Darkness :-

"If the Dreamer awakens, Darkness will rule."

an extract from the Chaos Codex

"Dreams is another word for nightmares."

an extract from the Book of Justice

"Truth is never self-evident - Evirator"

So this is what we look like? Evirator (left in the picture) is the sanity in the household.  An engineer by training, these days he runs a legal office, manages two web based businesses and in his spare time, codes lots of the new and interesting innovations for the Dream.

Kayal (right in the picture) is the Dreamer.  She's a lawyer in daylight hours but at nights, she lets the dream loose. 

The other two in the household have been known to pop in and out of the dream, but mostly they contribute with opinions and ideas.  The latest push by them is for a South Park area, so if it appears, we'll all know who to thank!

The real bosses in the household!

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