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The World according to Trinity

Tue Nov 10,1998

In the beginning, there were the Three. Where they came from only they, and a whole bunch of others, know. Why they came here won't be repeated but it probably had something to do with hallucinogenic drugs and nasty bumps to the head.

The Three looked around. Or tried to. A distinct lack of anything to look at was the major theme of the moment, a theme that, while original, quickly became tedious and has led to self-destructive tendencies and interior decorators in other people.

The Three saw this, and decided to create. They hung around, making things. Little things, big things, yellow things, blue things, they fiddled, they tampered, and occasionally they royally screwed things up. The Three realised that, despite their undeniable creative brilliance, majesty and omnipotent power, there was 2 things they were lacking...the faintest idea of how to use unix, and much of a clue as to how C is supposed to be written.

The Three consulted, and then went and got another, originally known as the Forth Guy, not because he liked Forth, he hated it, but it was a neat pun and a bit of artistic license never hurt anyone. With the possible exception of Bill Clinton. The Forth Guy looked upon the building blocks of the universe in horror. "My gosh, how quaint." (Actually, quoting directly from the original text it was more like hysterical laughter followed by "Who wrote this piece of shit??" but we can't say that on TV)

So the Forth Guy fiddled. The Forth Guy fiddles for a living, and hence, his fiddling, while not necessarily any more effective, had a certain aura of professionalism that he had been striving to perfect for many years. And while he fiddled, the Three taught themselves much of how to build and fiddle with a similar glow of professionalism, and hence much fiddling became apparent.

It is still debated amoung scholars as to whether such a degree of fiddling was wise, however once pushed all agree it was. The ones who don't invariably have nasty accidents.

Some time passed, and The Forth decided that he really needed some sort of decent title. A pun only goes so far. In a touch of arrogance, he changed the whether, started offering wishes and entitled himself The God of Chaos. It is also said that at this time he went up into the mountains for 40 days and 40 nights and made himself a weapon of incredible power to serve his ends. This is only partially true. I bought it at a 7-11, along with a frozen burger and a bottle of milk.

The God of Chaos spends time enjoying himself, the weather changes rapidly, stock prices go up and down, titles change randomly, and wishes often go horribly wrong. Isn't life wonderful?

-Trinity, God of Chaos.


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