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Races Remorts Clans Immortals Online Now

Remort Races

There is the opportunity to remort more then once.  Some of the Races in the Dream have evolved to such an advanced state that remorting within the Race line allows you to reach the top remort level of 15.  You are not limited in your choice to the race line you have been following.  If your knowledge and power is sufficient (level 100) you can choose any race from your current remort state or any earlier remort state.

You will find that particular race lines are better suited to particular classes, allowing you to become a true master in a chosen class.  Since role play is highly encouraged, maintaining a racial identity as you increase in power allows you to fully develop your character.

It is not mandatory though.  You are free to mould your character in any way you choose and your previous choices DO NOT restrict your choices of classes or race when you remort.

The number in backets is the reincarnation at which a race becomes available for selection

Remort Level








Balrog Woodelf Felkod Firegiant Sookoona Av-runi Mornala Shettlar
Mountainelf Felar Sungiant Raraka Av-lugh SildarWelsdak
3AvianShadowelf Felandrean Frostgiant Umalu Av-hotu HouetteEqvarian
4UngolwaithGlamredhel Felirion Acidgiant Orangutan Dak-hotu ThorurCaspian
5Greyelf Feljaguandi Gasgiant Gorilla Lah-kotu GimoHanerian
6Blackelf Lightelf Felcarac Earthgiant Kekkekulana Ar'grell DurinHosteiner
7Moredhel Eledhel Felocel Silvergiant Oweluv Boirche ModsognorTradhener
8Ocedhel Felleopar GoldgiantOraha Benlali DororOlfenjurg
9Terraelf Felserva Puregiant Kambula Uladran NalaWestphalian
10Sunelf Felcheet Stormgiant Neanderthal Uisnech GimurAppaltaran
11Highelf Felcougrain Ettin Codakian Lamfhada MordorConnemara
12Royalelf Felauric Titan Piltdowner Fianna ClangeinAndaluse
13Regalelf Feltigrae Firbolg Ent'lah Cairbe UlaaniiSellef
14Elusedhel Felrex Braganal Kong Cormac FortuniMorgave
15Alherdhel Linux Giganticus Kordellian Amergin MoradinPan

Remort Races


Available on reincarnation number 3

are powerful winged beings who served as messengers, guards, and airborne spies for centuries. They are very sociable however they carry themselves with a nobility that leaves others in awe of their majestic presence. From the lofty heights to which they soar, they can survey the actions of the lesser races. They cannot resist collecting any shiny baubles they see glinting below however. They make excellent thieves.
Affected by: sanctuary, infrared, flying, pass door, fire shield, ice shield, shock shield
Skills: meditation, fast healing, second attack, lore
Immune to: fire, cold
Resistant to: acid, negative, disease
Vulnerable to: no vulnerabilities.
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Available on reincarnation number 1

are Maiar, or primeval spirits, that the Dark Lord seduced to his service. They assume a physical form that is powerful and dreadful to behold. The word Balrog means Demon of Might". Balrogs usually take on a human-shape, although much larger. They have a mane wreathed in flame. They are at home in the Darkness. They are extremely versatile and dangerous and can master any class.
Affected by: sanctuary, flying, pass door, fire shield
Skills: meditation, fast healing, hunt, second attack
Immune to: fire, disease
Resistant to: lightning
Vulnerable to: no vulnerabilities.
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Available on reincarnation number 4

are sandmen. They are not a carbon-based lifeform, therefore their thinking is a little different to most of the other races. Until the cataclysm they looked with disdain on most of the other races and had little tolerance. However the the years have mellowed them. Now they are a very spiritual, but still somewhat agressive people. They make excellent clerics and their spiritual links with the earth itself allows them to become excellent rangers and druids.
Affected by: detect hidden, sanctuary, infrared, pass door, fire shield, ice shield, shock shield, acid shield
Skills: fast healing, second attack, hunt, meditation
Immune to: cold, drowning
Resistant to: fire, lightning, disease
Vulnerable to: negative
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Races Remorts Clans Immortals Online Now

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