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A Brother Dies

He tried to kill
a life he planned to take
it was his way
but it was a mistake
he saw the ruby
his blood lust grew
he struck the blow
and punishment was due
Samael was a God
Death was his name
Damocles sword
had entered the game
Twisty was dead
even he was aware
Death stalked the land
and death isn't fair
His brothers were there
but he didn't call
he stood there alone
proud and tall
Samael only laughed
with a flick of his hand
Twisty was doomed
Banished from the land
No shame did he feel
No guilt at his fall
the brothers are strong
honour is all
Twisty is gone
His shade waits for the call
His home is the clan
his name whispered by all
The Brothers don't mourn
The Brothers are strong
the fates were not fair
but the Dream carried on
The Dreamer is watching
the page has been filled
Sad is the story
Of a friend who was killed


by the Dreamer

Twisty returned from this terrible death to become an Immortal and create several areas for the current adventurers.  CNS and the Cat in the Hat came after he ascended to become an Immortal.  He's gone again, but his touch on the Dream remains, both in the Brotherhood Clan he helped create and the areas he made.  Perhaps one day we'll see him again!

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