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The Chrysalis Emerges

The Second Book of the Darkness Trilogy

by K Griffin 1998

Chapter 17

"Isolation fostered suspicion and time entrenched this attitude as a habit in many of the smaller settlements.  Travelling in the lands was a hazardous undertaking."
extract from the "Chronicles of the DreamWeaver"

Chrys followed Megren back out into the hallway.  She couldn't help but glance at the sentinel at the door.  A deep pain seered her heart as she finally identified the wrongness she'd felt about this room.  It hadn't been merely the layers of undisturbed red dust after all and the lack of footprints.  She remembered that moment when she had first stared into the cold stone eyes of the statue.  She almost walked over to the statue, wondering if she would be able to feel the screams inside, like she had felt from the trees in Yang'Grir.  She shied away from the attempt though.  This was a far more ancient magic and being, and its sanity after such a long imprisonment was doubtful.  Deep down, she knew that it was cowardice and cruelty not to make the attempt, but she pushed these thoughts aside.  She managed to convince herself that now was not the time, by relying on the pretext that Megren had already left the hall.

An onlooker would have marvelled at the motley crew making its way through the deep tunnels, but there was no-one to see them. There were obvious similarities between the two little gnomes, pointed noses, sharp features and large feet encased in oversized, heavy boots. Unlike Miles, who scampered around, filling the silence with his unceasing chattering, Davron was a serious silent figure. There was a grace to him, that was accentuated by his choice of clothes. He wore a dark silk tunic, embroidered at the hem with a metallic thread that sparkled under the glow of the cavern floor. Ornately tooled leather straps, criss-crossed his chest. From one leather strap, hung a small leather satchel and from the other, a heavy spiked mace dangled menacingly. His voice had a magnetic quality that carried the words clearly, even when spoken softly. Ryrf had no difficulty hearing his soft words, when Davron quietly explained "We can make good time through this section, while we still have light."

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