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The Past Clans in the Lands of the

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Founder : Avalon

The Avengers are a knightly order which strives to banish evil from the realm and protect the innocent. They believed that to banish evil action was required, not just prayers so they formed a faction to cleanse the world. They aim to do away with evil. They blend a divine wrath with relentless bravery to achieve that end. They're paladins in actions not necessarily in class. They worship LIGHT, a purity found only when all evil has been vanquished and peace rests over the land.

Avengers treat the innocent, strong or weak with equal respect. Their power is used in a constructive manner. They vow never to lose sight of their aim, nor to forget their oath, virtue or honour. They are deeply committed to a holy task - vanquishing all evil. 

The Avengers are no longer to be found in the Dream. It seems that their quest for justice has taken them elsewhere.

Avengers of Death Tsuryu

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