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The Past Clans in the Lands of the

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Founder : Cyric

From the Shadows come the silent stalkers. If you hold power and are not of the Tsuryu, then they will take it. Power is a magnet to them. They live for it. This secret clan grew out of a betrayal by Morgoth long ago. Whilst the deed may be forgotten, the anger is not. Tsuryu values secrecy and stealth as the most prudent form of power. Under the cloak of secrecy it works and grows in power, plotting the downfall of others. Its aim is the pursuit of power in any form - magic, skills information, weaponry.

Any class is allowed to join the clan, as is any race since power comes from diversity and from individualism. Self reliance is a value all must know, and is taught well in this clan. Rely upon yourself before you can learn to rely on your brethren. Only a select few will be chosen to enter the ranks of the Tsuryu. You will be observed and assessed and judged before you are accepted into the ranks of the elite.

Were they too selective and secretive? Perhaps they do still exist after all.  If so, its a well kept secret.  They no longer make their presence known to the Dream.

Avengers of Death Tsuryu

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