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Basic Skills

All players receive the basic skills for their class.
Basic Group Skills Included
rom basicsscrolls, staves, wands, recall, shit, clan protection, zip, clan item scry, clan folk scry, clan feast, clan reclaim corpse, clan shield, placewhere, clobber
mage basicsdagger, meditation
cleric basicsmace, tithe
thief basicsdagger, steal
warrior basicssword, second attack
ranger basicssword, second attack
paladin basicssword, second attack
deathknight basicssword, second attack
necromancer basicswhip, meditation
druid basicsspear, fast healing
psionicist basicsdagger, item scry, folk scry

Default Skill/Spell Groups

Players receive the default skills and spell groups if they bypass customization.
Default Group Skills Included Skill/Spell Groups Included
mage defaultlorebeguiling, combat, detection, enhancement, illusion, maladictions, protective, transportation, weather
cleric defaultflail, shield block attack, creation, curative, benedictions, detection, healing, maladictions, protective, transportation, weather
thief defaultmace, sword, backstab, disarm, dodge, second attack, trip, hide, peek, pick lock, sneak None
warrior defaultshield block, bash, disarm, enhanced damage, dodge, parry, rescue, third attack weaponsmaster
ranger defaultshield block, hunt, disarm, parry, dirt kicking, dodge weaponsmaster, detection
paladin defaultshield block, enhanced damage, dodge, parry, third attack, laying hands weaponsmaster, attack, healing
deathknight defaultshield block, enhanced damage, dodge, parry, dirt kicking, third attack weaponsmaster, attack, harmful
necromancer defaultlore, disarm detection, enhancement, illusion, harmful, maladictions, transportation, necromancy, combat
druid defaultlore, protection creation, curative, detection, enhancement, elemental, healing, maladictions, weather
psionicist defaultlore, meditation, fast healing, hide, sneak, dodge beguiling, combat, detection, illusion, transportation, offensive, room where

Other Skill/Spell Groups

Players may gain these skills and spells.
Skill/Spell Group Skills/Spells Included
weaponsmasteraxe, dagger, flail, mace, polearm, spear, sword, whip
attackdemonfire, dispel evil, dispel good, earthquake, flamestrike, heat metal, ray of truth
beguilingcalm, charm person, sleep
benedictionsbless, calm, frenzy, holy word, remove curse, erase, turn undead
combatacid blast, burning hands, chill touch, shocking grasp, colour spray, fireball, lightning bolt, magic missile
creationcontinual light, create food, create spring, create water, create rose, floating disc, create feast
curativecure blindness, cure disease, cure poison
detectiondetect evil, detect good, detect hidden, detect invis, detect magic, detect poison, identify, know alignment, locate object, true sight
draconianacid breath, fire breath, frost breath, gas breath, lightning breath
elementalwindwall, earthmaw, tsunami, sunbolt, firestream
enchantmentenchant armor, enchant weapon, fireproof, recharge, death grip
enhancementgiant strength, haste, infravision, refresh, preserve, breathe water
harmfulcause critical, cause light, cause serious, harm
healingcure critical, cure light, cure serious, heal, mass healing, refresh, mana
illusioninvis, mass invis, ventriloquate, remove invis
maladictionsblindness, change sex, curse, energy drain, plague, poison, slow, weaken, voodoo, web
necromancycremate, power word fear, energy drain, voodoo, power word stun, reclaim corpse
protectivearmor, cancellation, dispel magic, fireproof, protection evil, protection good, sanctuary, shield, stone skin, protection voodoo
offensivefire shield, ice shield, shock shield, acid shield, gas shield, silver shield
transportationfly, gate, nexus, pass door, portal, summon, teleport, word of recall, gift
weathercall lightning, chain lightning, control weather, faerie fire, faerie fog, lightning bolt

Other Skills and Spells

The following skills and spells are available to various mortals.
drain, berserk, counter, drag, dual wield, envenom, hand to hand, kick, push, haggle, roomwhere, study, whirlwind, riding

Immortal Skills and Spells

The following skills and spells are available to various immortals. This list includes some spells under development.
Level Spells
225 4x

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