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The Current Clans in the Lands of the

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Founders : LordCrys, Klah

The Sha'Darrack are the evil minions of the Master of all Darkness - Darrack. At his command they wreak havoc. He feeds off the pain they cause and grows stronger with each sacrifice they make to him.

They are truly evil in that they take gleeful joy in their actions. Their malice is not personal or directed since they will attack any who have not sworn allegiance to Darrack.

They are also not predictable since the demands of their master wax and wane with the phases of the moon.

Members may be of any class but particularly suited are Deathknights and Necromancers. The Sha'Darrack love to twist all things to their own purpose and an evil Paladin is an abomination that they would welcome. It can be a dangerous clan however, since if they run short of victims when the Master is hungry, they have been known to turn on their own.

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